Hudson Manors

Well, 22 of us headed to Davis Islands and spent the morning with the residents of Hudson Manors Assisted Living Facility. We played Bingo and gave the residents manicures as well as just sitting and visiting. We met one woman who was 101 years old! She was a great lady and her room was filled with photos of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and GREAT-GREAT-grandchildren!

We took some residents for a walk around the island, getting them out for fresh air and some great sunshine. It was a terrific day. The stories we got to hear and share with the residents will last us for a long time.

Next stop: Open Arms on November 23rd at Hyde Park UMC where we’ll help serve as many as 125 homeless folks breakfast. The opportunity to serve in the community is an enriching one for all the students, who get to share time with their friends while making a difference in the community. It really is great to GET REAL Involved!


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